Cindy Dandois, The “Battlecat” – MMA Fighter Q&A

Cindy Dandois is an MMA fighter out of Antwerpen, Belgium with a accepted able almanac of 5-2 as of 7/9/2015. Cindy fabricated a huge consequence in the MMA apple if she pulled a accommodation achievement over Marloes Coenen in her MMA debut, with alone 4 months of training beneath her belt. Cindy is currently alive to Invicta Angry Championships, and is a affiliate of Fresh Start Entertainment’s MMA team. Let’s yield some time to apprentice about this absurd fighter, and all about amazing person!

Early Life:

Tell us a bit about yourself, area did you abound up and what was activity like growing up? (Family, school, friends)

I was built-in in Antwerpen, Belgium. I did abound up in Deurne. I was an alive child, I talked a lot, with a big imagination. “If you can dream it, you can do it”, was my way of thinking. I consistently admired animals and I consistently had an adorations for cats. I did some boyscouting in my adolescent years and my totem-animal was belouga, a white whale. I lived with my mother, ancestor and brother. I aswell followed music classes. I still can’t sing, but I can play the canal and the saxophone! My best acquaintance Nico from academy is still my best acquaintance today.

Were you complex in any sports as a adolescence in or alfresco of school?

I was an alive child, so I started sports at a actual adolescent age. My mother accustomed to put me in ballet and gymnastics, but I hated that, so it concluded up every day in a fight. I capital to accompany the angry aggregation with my big brother. At that time, girls weren’t accustomed to wrestle, so I started judo if I was 5 years old. If I was 9, girls became accustomed on the angry aggregation and I started freestyle-wrestling at that time.

What is your admired child-hood memory?

That my brother woke me up at night to angry on the Nintendo 8-bit, or to watch angry on his television.

Any absorbing child-hood belief and/or fun facts?

- My mother consistently alleged me “kattemie”… that agency catlady, because of my crazy adulation for cats.

- If I had bad tests in school, my parents never saw them… I gave them to my Gerbils (little ambrosia rats) and they fabricated a backup of it and splintered the cardboard in a few seconds… My ancestor never activate out what happened with all my bad academy results!

- If I was earlier I followed judo in academy and I had to beddy-bye at my school. My brother absent me and recorded a accomplished anniversary of Simpson episodes on television. If I came home on Friday afterwards training, we watched all of the episodes calm to bolt up on time.

- If I was about 5 years old me and my brother played like we were angry superstars. He was consistently Mister Perfect, The Ultimate Warrior, The British Bulldog or The Model Ric Martel… While I put on my dejected bathing clothing and played as Earthquake, Jake the Snake Roberts or Coco Beware. I was 5 years old and my brother was 12… He had a acceptable acuteness :-) LOL

Getting complex in MMA:

How did you get involved?

I had to lose (a lot of) abundance pounds!

What conduct did you activate with and affliction to allotment a bit about your aboriginal adventures acquirements the sport(s)?

I started judo and bathe angry as a kid. I admired it. I consistently admired antagonism because it motivated me to alternation and I saw it fabricated my ancestor proud.

At what point did you apperceive you were accessible to footfall in the cage for the aboriginal time?

I didn’t know. I just went in there to see what I was worth. To analysis myself.

When the cage bound abaft you in your aboriginal fight, can you anamnesis what went through your mind? How did your aboriginal action about-face out?

It was in a ring so I can’t absolutely acquaint about the cage locking. I won my aboriginal action afterwards 4 months of training adjoin Marloes Coenen, so I anticipate I did a acceptable job. I bethink me cogent my brother what crazy shoes Marloes was wearing. He was absolutely affirmation out, a big arrogant on his head!… I was relaxed. No thinking, no stressing… just traveling to do what I like, what I am acceptable at, with God watching over me.

What are 3 things you’ve abstruse while getting complex in this sport?

1) You can’t win them all. You win some and you lose some. What makes you a champ is how you handle it.

2) Weightcutting sucks, but you accept to do it.

3) Never change a acceptable team. You accept to apperceive area you started, consistently accept the appropriate being in your corner.


What gym are you currently angry out of?

Perfect Aggregation MMA Belgium, Antwerpen-Berchem

What is your accepted almanac (ammy/pro) and at what weight?

I didn’t do ammy.

Pro-record: 5-2-0 at 135lbs and 145lbs

Do you currently accept a appellation in this sport? If so, what is it and why?

Battlecat is my ring-name… to apperceive why, you should ask my brother! He gave me this name!

If you could advance one aspect of your game, what would it be and why?

I would like to advance my battle and kicking, because there is a continued alley to go still there!

What is your a lot of memorable acquaintance as an MMA fighter?

The time I went to Vegas to alternation a accomplished ages with Miesha (Tate) for her action adjoin Rousey. I absolutely admired it, even admitting it was harder to absence my kids! It was so account it to accommodated Miesha and to acquisition her as a friend. She is great!

Any absorbing belief to allotment or acquirements adventures whilst angry you would like to share?

It is absorbing how humans apperceive you and are your acquaintance if it goes good, but backstab you if you lose a fight…

If you could action one bit of admonition to an ambitious fighter what would it be?

Do not overlook area you started, and area you are from. The college you climb, the added you can fall. Accompany who you accommodated while aggressive the top are rarely as prescious as accompany who area there if you were down.

Would you like to accord a bark out to any sponsors individuals who accept accurate you?

I wish to say acknowledgment to my accompany and ancestors and my admirers for acknowledging me. I wish to say acknowledgment to LUBMMA for accepting my back. I wish to say acknowledgment to Jay (Fresh Start Entertainment/MMA) for advancing out of boilerplate to abutment me and put accomplishment in me. Still don’t apperceive why I deserve that, but I am thankful! I wish to say acknowledgment to Miesha and Bryand, my brother Ben, and my Perfect Aggregation for the support. Last but not atomic I wish to say acknowledge you God, for authoritative me able to do what I do.


Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I anticipate in 10 years I will not action anymore myself. I achievement to accomplish my kids aggregation bigger. I achievement I can accomplish one of my kids a pro fighter, or all of them…

Fun Facts:

I am a big cat lover and my admired dog is a balderdash terrier. I am aswell a big disney cine lover. I charge some disney abracadabra on a approved basis!

Favorite Food/Dish:

Chocolate, cheese and French Fries!

Favorite blazon of Music:

I like all altered kinds… But no abode or actual blatant music

Favorite Movie:

The Notebook

Favorite TV Show:


Favorite Quote:

“A baron alone bows down for his queen”, “O’hana agency family, ancestors agency cipher gets larboard abaft or forgotten.”, “I accept an alarming God.”

Do you accept any children? Do you plan on accepting any/more?:

I accept 3 kids of my own and I am planning to accept a lot added one day…

Best day of your life:

The bearing of my kids

Interesting/Unknown Fact about yourself:

I cried for a anniversary if my balderdash terrier died. I accept some ashes of her about my neck. She was my best friend. I had aeon area I even had not abundant money to buy food, so I fabricated a basin soup, and we ate a little bit every day, together, for a week.

Favorite Hobbies:

Spending time with my kids. Collecting Disney statues.

Who is your admired cool hero and why?

Wolverine… I anticipate he is actual funny!


Facebook Page/Fan Page: Cindy Dandois


Instagram: Battlecatje

Manager Contact: Jay General, Fresh Start Entertainment

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